Loss of Earthquake Insurance for Heritage – SIGH!

By Brigid Gallagher 30/09/2011

The incredibly useful and interesting eNews from NZ Archaeology’s Garry Law was in my inbox this morning when I ‘turned on’.  Top of the list is the article;

Biggest Insurer of Church and Heritage site ends Earthquake Cover

It is a New Zealand Herald report from this morning, see here

I am thinking ‘SIGH’.

I am not going to say much.

From a business sense I can hear what the insurers are saying.  There is a lot of money in repairs and loss, especially churches and heritage, in unstable geographic areas.

My biggest ‘SIGH’ is reserved yet again for the Heralds portrayal of Gerry Brownlee, and his short sightedness and apparent inability to effectively communicate or negotiate, again.

The source of my massive expellation (is that a word?),

Several days ago, Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee accused the Insurance Council of scaremongering by claiming that New Zealanders may not be able to get earthquake coverage.

Mr Brownlee returned from Monaco last week expressing confidence that reinsurers would offer earthquake coverage once the aftershocks had settled.

Who has the last laugh now?

Not New Zealand heritage, I can bet!

Nor the New Zealand public!

I am shaking my head, and hearing the final nail in the coffin being struck.