Diplomatic Immunity

Is injection technique contributing to the risk of post vaccine myocarditis?

Helen Petousis Harris Oct 17, 2021

Recent misleading media headlines about vaccines being administered incorrectly in the absence of evidence do little to help public confidence in vaccines. Spoiler alert, vaccines are not being administered incorrectly. The topic of this blog is based on what could be an important scientific question – is one of the most widely used injection techniques a risk for serious … Read More

Fundamentally flawed study on COVID-19 vaccine safety is rapidly retracted

Helen Petousis Harris Jul 03, 2021

The content of this blog has been adapted and expanded from comments I provided to Vaccines and Science this week. The perfectly respectable MDPI journal called Vaccines made a mistake but they addressed it fast. Somehow an article assessing vaccine safety and effectiveness that was fundamentally flawed and made outrageous claims slipped through the system. Not the first … Read More

Correcting propaganda containing 8 false claims about COVID-19 vaccines

Helen Petousis Harris Apr 28, 2021

This is a short blog addressing a list of falsehoods being posted widely across Aotearoa New Zealand. The flyer (posted at the end) claims ‘8 important covid vaccine facts you probably haven’t heard’. Actually, these are 8 of the most common myths about Covid-19 vaccines. Some have been around so long they probably qualify as zombie myths. The ‘golden … Read More

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is way beyond experimental

Helen Petousis Harris Apr 25, 2021

An experiment is a procedure carried out to test a hypothesis. We have determined through experiment, with extremely high precision, that the Pfizer COVID-19 works very well and is very safe. The initial experiments were successful, moving on… However, there are some misconceptions flying around that abuse this concept and I thought they needed addressing with some interpretation and facts. Read More

COVID vaccines and blood clots – what is this about?

Helen Petousis Harris Apr 15, 2021

I will update this post as new information comes to hand What has happened? Recently the vaccine safety watch dogs in Europe noted reports of unusual types of blood clots in people vaccinated with the AstraZeneca (AZ) COVID-19 vaccine. This prompted investigations across many countries to ascertain what, why, and how. Also, in the last couple of … Read More

COVID-19 vaccines and community immunity (transmission)

Helen Petousis Harris Jan 22, 2021

Updated, 4 Feb 2021 to reflect new data on the AstraZeneca vaccine.  Q: Will the COVID-19 vaccines prevent the transmission of the coronavirus and bring about community immunity (aka herd immunity)? A: Jury not in yet but vaccines do not have to be perfect to thwart the spread of infection. While vaccines  induce protection against illness, they … Read More