Amazing new cure for Ebola

By Helen Petousis Harris 06/10/2014


Stop press! Thai scientists claim to have a treatment against ebola that is more effective that any other treatment! Is this possible?

“Researchers at Siriraj Hospital claimed that the new antibody is “more effective” than those that now exist.”

This is an astounding claim, especially as they haven’t actually tested it in animals or humans.

What is also really awesome is that is safe in humans!

Dr Wanpen said the Thai antibody was inherently safe and has no side effects because it was developed from human genes.

A striking claim since it hasn’t been tested it in humans yet.

Just saying…

Oh, and how does it actually work? Here are comments, mainly from Udom Kachintorn, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Siriraj Hospital.

It is a new antibody structure, a new mechanism to kill the Ebola fever in the most effective manner

According to the research done at Siriraj Hospital in Thailand the new antibody is small enough to enter diseased cells and destroy the Ebola proteins inside.

He said the Thai antibody had different structures and mechanisms and was more efficient, making a cure derived from it more effective. 

That is also really amazing, given that antibodies are not in the habit of climbing into cells.  In fact they don’t. Although to be fair it is technically possible to get antibodies into cells in a lab if you use a microinjection or something. However from my relatively limited understanding of this aspect of immunotherapy it is really in its infancy. Here is an article on the current challenges and approaches in this field. And while there are clearly approaches for getting antibodies into cells this is in the laboratory, not people.

Thailand does not possess a Biosafety Level 4 facility required to test on the Ebola virus itself. Doctors also admitted they have not been in contact with the World Health Organisation regarding the purported…

Maybe we could revisit when they actually publish something. From what I can see no one is going to be injecting this stuff into humans anytime soon!