NZ Immuniation Conference 2015 – The Rock and Roll of Infectious Diseases

By Helen Petousis Harris 12/12/2014

What do Foot Twitch, Glowing Toes, Prosthetic Foot , Toe Jam Brothers, Moldy Toe and Toe Nail Fungus have in common?

(Answer. They are all little known rock bands we have rejected as acts for our conference dinner)

However, in all seriousness, a few of us have been considering suitable acts for our conference dinner (NZ Immunisation Conference 2015, webpage coming soon). We have come up with some great options that are sure to be crowd pleasers.

The Conference venue is Wintec in Hamilton. With this in mind we channelled our inner bogan and came up with suitable entainment options for the ‘Tron. A good option may be a live band called The Vaccines, an English indie rock band based in West London. Their first studio album “What Did You Expect from The Vaccines” was released in 2011 and charted at #1 on release. We agreed that this was a good choice and that anyone who didn’t like them must be Clinically Stupid, until we discovered there were quite famous and then it was decided to wait and see if Lotto was forthcoming to assist with funding.

The Vaccines performing at Immergut Festival, Germany in 2013
The Vaccines performing at Immergut Festival, Germany in 2013

Keeping with the Curative genre bands theme we considered goth rock band The Cure10cc and Morphine. We thought that together they could be a Quiet Riot as a line up.

Then we explored the Symptoms genre including The Hives – they are even musical as a bonus, Simply Red (although the lead singer has retired), Delirium, Septic Shocks, Spasm, Gangrene, Fuzzy Puke, Whiskers of Impotence and Catatonia. It was suggested some of these bands may not be favoured by some of the more mature conference delegates and so The Cardiacs and The Strokes were put forward as serious options to please the older crowd.

However, since a bigger selection exists within the Disease genre a number of possibilities were deliberated. First up were Germs such as Anthrax and Leprosy. There are 10 bands in the world that go by the name of Leprosy – the most popular Leprosy band hails from Mexico and to listen to head banging music they are a must.  Although for something more sedate there is Dengue Fever who started as a Cambodia cover band in LA. As everybodys Tummy Rumbles, Lord Hepatitis and the Sorry Appetites could make a good accompliment to the entrée.

We did have some concerns about causing offence to Edward Jenner. However we thought that if we were to use Smallpox Aroma as an opening act then any Grave turning would likely be mitigated. Grave is a Swedish death metal band and we considered their 2002 album ‘Back from the Grave’ could be a good background to a Séance outbreak session along with Post Mortum Promises.

Some further suggestions in line with the Disease genre were highlighted. A black metal band in Russia called Cotard Delusions (walking corpse syndrome) looked interesting. Pestilence – a death metal band from the Netherlands, had a first release called malleus maleficarum . Points for creativity if somewhat lacking in musicality.

We did consider the Surgical genre including Cold Speculum, Anaclotomy  and Amputee and the Eunuchs but felt this was getting outside the infectious Disease focus of the conference. One of our committee members was notably disappointed.

Agoraphobic Nose Bleed is a grindcore band, apparently requiring mind altering drugs to be able to listen to. We contacted their agent but they were unavailable. We were all a bit disappointed.

Anyway, if anyone has any votes on entertainment for the conference we practice Democracy so all suggestions considered. Please use the suggestion box below.


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