Diplomatic Immunity

Aussie ‘no jab, no pay’ unlikely to make disease go away.

Helen Petousis Harris Apr 15, 2015

The Australian proposal to remove financial benefits from families who fail to immunise their children seems like a politically motivated point-scoring move based on emotive lobbying by media, namely the Sunday Telegraph.  It would appear to have arisen from the outcry about anti-vaccination parents putting others at risk following the deaths of two infants too young to be vaccinated. Read More

Tenpenny’s vaccine advice is worth ten a penny and is certainly a dime a dozen

Helen Petousis Harris Jan 08, 2015

Sherri Tenpenny is an American anti-vaccination protagonist causing some disturbance across the ditch, and somehow this issue has crawled into the NZ Herald.  Australian lobby group Stop the Australian Anti Vaccination Network would like to see Sherri’s visa declined so that she may not spread her gospel in their country (The AntiAVN exist to hold the … Read More


What do chickens astronauts and St Anthony’s Fire have in common? Varicella policy at odds with science

Helen Petousis Harris Dec 18, 2014

Angelina Jolie has come down with chickenpox, missing the Premier of Unbroken Update since published: NZ introduced varicella vaccine for children on 1st July 2017. I have just listened to an excellent series of interviews on Radio NZ about the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine. NZ does not fund this vaccine for all children although … Read More

NZ Immuniation Conference 2015 – The Rock and Roll of Infectious Diseases

Helen Petousis Harris Dec 12, 2014

What do Foot Twitch, Glowing Toes, Prosthetic Foot , Toe Jam Brothers, Moldy Toe and Toe Nail Fungus have in common? (Answer. They are all little known rock bands we have rejected as acts for our conference dinner) However, in all seriousness, a few of us have been considering suitable acts for our conference dinner (NZ Immunisation Conference 2015, webpage … Read More


Amazing new cure for Ebola

Helen Petousis Harris Oct 06, 2014

  Stop press! Thai scientists claim to have a treatment against ebola that is more effective that any other treatment! Is this possible? “Researchers at Siriraj Hospital claimed that the new antibody is “more effective” than those that now exist.” This is an astounding claim, especially as they haven’t actually tested it in animals or humans. What is … Read More

Kelly Brogan denies germ theory and the value of HIV drugs

Helen Petousis Harris Sep 23, 2014

HIV causes AIDS and modern antiretroviral drugs extend quality of life and reduce AIDS related mortality. Kelly Brogan MD does not believe that HIV is the cause of AIDS because it does not satisfy Koch’s Postulates of infectious disease according to her website.* These postulates are four criteria refined and published in 1890 by a chap called Robert … Read More