Heading into the great unknown

By Guest Author 29/01/2013

Welcome to Fieldwork, Sciblogs’ new dedicated space for guest contributors posting from the field.

We are opening our doors wide, calling for scientists to send back missives from the world beyond the office cubby-hole, beyond the research bench.

We are looking for first-hand accounts from motivated scientists heading out in the field, ideally focused on a specific project or expedition. The idea is to give readers a flavour of the day-in-the-life of scientists at work in unusual places, while at the same time illuminating some of the big picture issues that researchers are wrestling with.

Guest submissions for this blog should be written to engage a broad public audience, and include plenty of photographs to illustrate your journeys. We are happy for contributions to appear as either a one-off post, or as a limited series spread out over the time of the voyage. Wherever possible, we will post these in real-time (or as close to real-time as communications technology will permit).

If you or someone you know would like to be considered as a guest contributor, please submit an expression of interest to smc@sciencemediacentre.co.nz with “Fieldwork” in the subject line, outlining:

  • who you are, and how we can contact you
  • relevant details and dates of the field work in question
  • a rough outline of proposed posts (how many, topics likely to be covered, etc.)
  • a writing sample or first draft post

It’s a new initiative, so we are fairly flexible and will do our best to accommodate motivated would-be bloggers — if in doubt, just ask.

Sciblogs editorial team — (Dacia)