Field Work

Antarctic Voyage: Could the past be the key to the present?

Guest Author Feb 25, 2013

Written by Molly Paterson (PhD student, Antarctic Research Centre, VUW). Date:21/2/2013 Location: 65.17903°S, 141.413812°E Weather: Cloudy with winds up to 30 knots Sea state: 3-4 m swell Molly logging a sediment core. [Helen Bostock]Over the last week, while the oceanographers have been studying the hydrology of the slope, the geologists have recovered two cores. We … Read More

Antarctic voyage: What is a polynya?

Guest Author Feb 21, 2013

Written by Dr Beatriz Pena-Molino (ACE CRC) Date: 19/2/2013 Location: 65.395795°S, 142.682921°E Weather: Sunny Sea State: Calm If you have been following this voyage for the last fortnight then you may well be wondering “what is a polynya?” Polynya is a Russian word used to describe areas of open water surrounded by ice. They occur … Read More

Antarctic voyage: Sea ice

Guest Author Feb 20, 2013

Written by NIWA oceanographer and voyage leader Dr Mike Williams. Date: 18/02/2013 Location: 65.225487°S, 143.020138°E Weather: Small storm clearing Sea state: 3-4 m swell improving to 1-2 m Over the last few days the sea ice has given us some of the highs and lows of the voyage. RV Tangaroa in the … Read More

Antarctic voyage: Sailing through thin ice

Guest Author Feb 19, 2013

Written by Helen Bostock (marine geologist, NIWA) Date: 17/02/2013 Location: 65.627268°S, 144.277825°E Weather: Cloudy, calm and very cold Sea State: Calm Over the last few days we have seen a lot of icebergs and have been skirting along the edge of the sea ice. ‘Patience….’ is the main advice of our Danish ice pilot, … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: Icebergs

Guest Author Feb 15, 2013

Written by NIWA oceanographer and voyage leader Dr Mike Williams. Date: 14/02/2013 Location: 63.191514˚S, 139.837747˚E Weather: Fine and sunny, very little wind Sea State: Calm Yesterday was the day the iceberg sweepstake came off the wall. First iceberg. [Evan Solly]Shortly after we left Wellington a list went up on the wall in the mess … Read More