Field Work

Antarctic Voyage: The discovery of the Mertz Region

Guest Author Feb 26, 2013

Written by Dr Helen Bostock  (Marine Geologist, NIWA). Date: 25/2/2013 Location: 65.507326°E, 143.982206°S Weather: Cloudy and foggy, gentle wind (<20 knots) Sea State: 2-3 m swell Given the issues we are having with accessing the coast due to the sea ice this year, it seems incredible that just over 100 years ago an Australian expedition landed … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: Could the past be the key to the present?

Guest Author Feb 25, 2013

Written by Molly Paterson (PhD student, Antarctic Research Centre, VUW). Date:21/2/2013 Location: 65.17903°S, 141.413812°E Weather: Cloudy with winds up to 30 knots Sea state: 3-4 m swell Molly logging a sediment core. [Helen Bostock]Over the last week, while the oceanographers have been studying the hydrology of the slope, the geologists have recovered two cores. We … Read More

Antarctic voyage: What is a polynya?

Guest Author Feb 21, 2013

Written by Dr Beatriz Pena-Molino (ACE CRC) Date: 19/2/2013 Location: 65.395795°S, 142.682921°E Weather: Sunny Sea State: Calm If you have been following this voyage for the last fortnight then you may well be wondering “what is a polynya?” Polynya is a Russian word used to describe areas of open water surrounded by ice. They occur … Read More

Antarctic voyage: Sea ice

Guest Author Feb 20, 2013

Written by NIWA oceanographer and voyage leader Dr Mike Williams. Date: 18/02/2013 Location: 65.225487°S, 143.020138°E Weather: Small storm clearing Sea state: 3-4 m swell improving to 1-2 m Over the last few days the sea ice has given us some of the highs and lows of the voyage. RV Tangaroa in the … Read More

Antarctic voyage: Sailing through thin ice

Guest Author Feb 19, 2013

Written by Helen Bostock (marine geologist, NIWA) Date: 17/02/2013 Location: 65.627268°S, 144.277825°E Weather: Cloudy, calm and very cold Sea State: Calm Over the last few days we have seen a lot of icebergs and have been skirting along the edge of the sea ice. ‘Patience….’ is the main advice of our Danish ice pilot, … Read More

Antarctic Voyage: Icebergs

Guest Author Feb 15, 2013

Written by NIWA oceanographer and voyage leader Dr Mike Williams. Date: 14/02/2013 Location: 63.191514˚S, 139.837747˚E Weather: Fine and sunny, very little wind Sea State: Calm Yesterday was the day the iceberg sweepstake came off the wall. First iceberg. [Evan Solly]Shortly after we left Wellington a list went up on the wall in the mess … Read More