Field Work

Antarctic voyage: Planning and preparation

Guest Work Feb 01, 2013

Dr Helen Bostock, marine geologist at NIWA, writes: RV Tangaroa – credit Dave Allen Planning for this voyage started many years ago –it was originally pencilled into the RV Tangaroa voyage schedule 5 years ago. It is latest in a series of Australian and French voyages to visit this region and monitor the environmental changes. Finally, about … Read More

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Heading into the great unknown

Guest Work Jan 29, 2013

Welcome to Fieldwork, Sciblogs’ new dedicated space for guest contributors posting from the field. We are opening our doors wide, calling for scientists to send back missives from the world beyond the office cubby-hole, beyond the research bench. We are looking for first-hand accounts from motivated scientists heading out in the field, ideally focused on a specific project or expedition. The idea … Read More

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