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The cost of food

Amanda Johnson Feb 28, 2011

Before the devastation that hit Christchurch last week, food prices, and particularly the cost of milk, featured highly in the news, with the Green Party backing a call for an inquiry into dairy pricing and Consumer New Zealand asking for a full investigation by the Commerce Commission as concern over rising food bills grow. We also heard reports … Read More

Omega 3 and fish — what’s the latest advice?

Amanda Johnson Nov 16, 2010

The International Seafood and Health Conference took place in Melbourne on 7-10 November 2010. This was a great gathering of international experts and researchers who presented new data on this important topic. We often hear about omega-3 fats being a panacea for good health, with claims made that range from increasing your child’s intelligence and … Read More

Time for New Zealand to focus on the health of our children

Amanda Johnson Nov 04, 2010

A brand new position statement was launched in the United States this week (1 November 2010) by the American Dietetic Association, School Nutrition Association and Society for Nutrition Education, which looked at providing comprehensive school nutrition services. The abstract of the paper states that, ’It is the position of the American Dietetic Association, School Nutrition Association and Society for Nutrition … Read More

Who cares about New Zealand’s waistline?

Amanda Johnson Oct 19, 2010

A conference held in Wellington yesterday (18 October 2010) by the Edgar National Centre for Diabetes Research, an Institute of the University of Otago, looked at this very question. Bringing together a whole range of experts, including Government, health professionals, media and the food industry, the presenters looked at the evidence base for public health measures … Read More

Why don’t kids eat veggies?

Amanda Johnson Sep 24, 2010

There have been several reports in the media this week about the recent study on Children and Young People’s Physical Activity and Dietary Behaviours, which looked at dietary and activity patterns among 10- to 24-year-olds. One of the key findings of this report (published by the Ministry of Health) was that 60% of children and young … Read More

Is obesity contagious?

Amanda Johnson Sep 22, 2010

Widely reported this week is new research suggesting that obesity may be caused (in part) by a virus, with Science Daily commenting on this issue — followed by an article in the New Zealand Herald yesterday. The idea that you might be able to ‘catch’ obesity, although this sounds bizarre, is not new! There were reports … Read More