Veneer to the rescue!

By Anna Sandiford 11/02/2010

There’s a man in China who’s very glad about varnish and veneer. Despite his fingerprints being found at the scene of a theft, he was discharged by the judge who was presiding over his trial for said theft (Driver nearly convicted for incidental fingerprints). The reason was because the fingerprints were beneath a veneer on a deity altar and had been deposited by the freed man more than ten years previously, at a time when he had been working for a company that made such deity altars. The altar was then bought by the victim of the theft, who took it home and from where it was later stolen.

The Court also believed the discharged man’s alibi — he was working as a truck driver at the time of the crime. The presiding judge thought it unlikely that he would have abandoned his truck on the side of the road to commit a random theft.

Case circumstances are so varied — no two are ever the same….