Burglary science

By Anna Sandiford 23/02/2010

Burglars are apparently more likely to wear Reebok Classic trainers than other brands of training shoe. This is one of the findings of a recent scientific study of the running shoes of choice used by burglars in the English county of Northamptonshire. These results tie in nicely with my own (professional) experiences of burglary cases in England & Wales and also confirm my comments on misc.ience’s post If I was a running shoe manufacturer, I would be worried…
The study also found that burglars from poorer areas tended to wear more expensive trainers, which follows many people’s observational experiences, and the average cost of trainers worn by unemployed burglars was greater that those worn by burglars with jobs. Understandably perhaps, the study had no knowledge of whether or not said trainers were bought or stolen…..