CSI infographic — be amazed! (or amused — your choice)

By Anna Sandiford 02/08/2010

Here is an interesting CSI graphic from ForensicScience.net. It does a nice job of demonstrating the internationally-recognised phenomenon “the CSI Effect”, on which I have blogged and presented and generally griped for some time (see

Part 3: CSI effect/forensic science jobs, The CSI Effect – it’s real and CSI effect: the speed and appliance of science for a selection of comments and opinions). I have now converted that negative energy into realising that what better way to raise interest in science than to utilise the interest generated by TV programs like this. (…and just take a look at the number of DNA samples that are backlogged in the US – and I’m pretty sure that’s accurate because every time I read Forensic Magazine, there’s a comment about backlogs in the order of thousands for different labs).

The CSI EffectSource: Forensic Science