Small World – NZ’s a winner!

By Anna Sandiford 16/11/2010

As a pollen expert, I love the world down the microscope.  I like to browse the Nikon Small World website and take the “What is this?” challenge.

They have awards each year for the best image and, if you didn’t already know, this year it’s great to see a New Zealand entry achieved 9th place – Duane Harland of AgResearch in Lincoln with an image of a flea. A fine job indeed.

Add to that 19th place to Cameron Johnson of the University of Auckland with a picture of a “Wistar rat retina outlining the retinal vessel network and associated communication channels”.  It’s all very impressive, particularly given the thousands of entries from all round the world, every year.

As a geologist I like the 8th place cacoxenite (mineral) but as a lover of Chinese food, I like the crystallised soy sauce at 10th place