Pike River mine explosion — geologists are here…

By Anna Sandiford 20/11/2010

Just a short observation.  Tomorrow, 21 November 2010, the annual Geological Society of New Zealand conference will begin in Auckland:  GeoNZ 2010.  The conference has an overlap day with the NZ Branch of  The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM).

The deadline for GeoNZ abstracts was extended as a result of the Darfield earthquake in September (also known as the Canterbury earthquake); there is a public lecture on the subject on Monday evening.

I have to wonder if any of our delegates will be leaving Auckland and heading to Pike River Mine to help with the rescue efforts – presumably, some of them have a lot of knowledge that could assist.  I’d much prefer having less people in the session I’m convening if they’re using their knowledge to help resolve the issues.

I’ll keep you posted.