Sleep drink-driving

By Anna Sandiford 22/06/2011

Just a link to a case where a doctor has been found guilty of sleep drink-driving. It’s the sort of question that arises from time to time and may be of interest to those in jurisdictions where there is a conclusive presumption regarding any breath/blood alcohol result such as New Zealand (which means that the blood or breath alcohol result routinely cannot be challenged; however, they can sometimes be challenged, depending on case circumstances).

Automatism, or automatic behaviour (defined in Wikipedia as a “criminal defence which denies that the accused was criminally responsible for his or her actions”), is a question that we are asked to address sometimes but it’s a difficult one. However, we can assist in cases where there are drugs, including alcohol, involved because these affect how an individual feels/behaves – it requires forensic toxicological knowledge.

Drink driving GP ‘was sleep walking’