Murder: head in David Attenborough’s garden…

By Anna Sandiford 07/07/2011

This is about a 100+ year old murder mystery of a well-to-do woman who was murdered by her maid.  The head was never found. It has just turned up in the garden of Sir David Attenborough, which is an interesting twist to the tale in itself.

Some of the facts of the case include the following:

The case became known as the ‘Barnes Mystery’, which gripped London at the time.

The criminal, a convicted thief and fraudster, chopped up the victim with an axe, boiled the remains and gave the dripping to local children to eat.

A box containing human flesh was found in the nearby River Thames days after the killing and one of the victim’s feet was found on an allotment.

Read the full story:1879 London murder mystery solved.

There’s really not much else to say!