Dead man sued because his flying body parts hit a passer-by..and other stories (only in the USA)

By Anna Sandiford 13/01/2012

No matter what is happening in the NZ legal system, we don’t have the same sorts of issues as the Americans seem to have.  This is from FindLaw.

5. Tourist Sues Hooker for Leaving ½ Hour Early

College student Hubert Blackman was in Las Vegas. He decided to party it up by ordering a “stripper” from Las Vegas Exclusive Personals. The stripper came, gave him a lap dance, and performed a sex act on Blackman. She also left a half an hour early. Blackman then sued the company for a $275 refund and $1.8 million for the “tragic events” that took place.

4. ‘Bad Mothering’ Lawsuit: Kids Sued Mom over Empty B-Day Card

Attorney Steven A. Miner helped his kids file a lawsuit against his ex-wife for being a “bad mother.” The kids said that they were subjected to empty birthday cards, clothing budgets, seat belts, and their mother’s “forgetfulness.”

3. Man Sues to Recreate Wedding Photos of Failed Marriage

New Yorker Todd Remis sued his wedding photographer for missing out on the last fifteen minutes of his nuptials. He sought damages to recreate his wedding. The kicker: he was already divorced. He also didn’t know where his ex lived.

2. Man Killed by Train is Sued: Flying Body Parts Injured Woman

Illinois woman Gayane Zokhrabov filed suit against the estate of a deceased man. The deceased 18-year-old had died after getting hit by a train. After he was hit, parts of his body went flying — injuring Zokhrabov. She sued over her injuries.

1. Kidnapper Sues Hostages for Breaching ‘Contract’ to Hide Him

The most outrageous and strangest lawsuit to come out of 2011 might be this one. A convicted kidnapper in Colorado sued his former hostages for breaching an oral contract to hide him when he was a fugitive. He sought damages to compensate him for injuries incurred during his arrest.