Graham Norton solves a problem (nearly)

By Anna Sandiford 09/02/2013

Recently I have been looking for a specialist medical expert to review a criminal case in which we have been instructed.  Specifically, an independent dermatologist (preferably someone with a paediatric speciality).

Actually, I’ve been looking for five months.  Five months!  Usually we do it in 5 days, at the outside!!  In fact, much as I hate to admit it, we have failed to find said expert; there just doesn’t seem to be anyone in New Zealand willing to even think about considering the case.

So it was, on Friday evening, that I had ended my work for the week and stopped worrying about outstanding case issues and the vexatious expert.

I sat with a beer in hand, toying with the idea of having another one and watching the last segment of the Graham Norton Show, the part when members of the public sit in the Red Chair and tell a story.

Much to my shock, the last lady to get into the Red Chair was a dermatologist, specialising in paediatrics.

If only the show hadn’t been filmed five weeks ago and the show had been filmed here – I would have had my expert.

…but at least I know that such a person exists, so the search continues…