Standards and Codes for forensic scientists

By Anna Sandiford 26/02/2013

A short blog post, this one.  The US Department of Justice is setting up a commission that will establish standards, a professional code and educational requirements for forensic scientists.  Presumably this would mean that a Bachelors degree in forensic science and European film won’t make the muster (a degree which has apparently been offered in the past, not necessarily in the USA).

The need for this type of standard setting has been recognised for a few years, not least since the National Academy of Sciences hammered the poor standards of forensic science in a 2009 report. England and Wales has imposed and been updating the Criminal Procedure Rules and the Civil Procedures Rules on experts since the early-mid 2000s.

All we really have at present in NZ is Schedule 4 of the Judicature Act 1908, which isn’t compulsory for experts in the criminal arena.

Watch and learn New Zealand – we need this sort of standardisation just as much as the States.