Let us introduce ourselves…

By Peter Dearden 01/09/2010


Welcome to the Genetics Otago Blog. Genetics Otago aims to better promote genetics and showcase the wealth of talent in genetics in Otago. We have over 150 members, most in the University of Otago, but also in AgResearch and Abacus Bio. We also have members from the University of Otago Christchurch and Wellington campuses. Our members have interests in all aspects of genetics; from science to the impact of genetics on society and law. With such a diverse grouping I hope this blog will allow us to comment on all aspects of, and present some of the excitement and enthusiasm we have for the science of genetics.

Peter K. Dearden, Laboratory for Evolution and Development, Genetics Otago and the National Research Centre for Growth and Development, University of Otago


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  • Just a quick note of encouragement.

    A couple of Genetics Otago members have been blogging for a bit now! I’ve only been doing it for a little under a year, but David Winter has been at it quite a few years. It doesn’t hurt… 🙂

    More seriously, if I can be of use to anyone with a little encouragement, thoughts, or whatever, they’re welcome to drop a note my way. (The link on my name will take you to my blog. There’s a ‘Contact’ email form at the top of the blog page.) I’m happy to meet local bloggers over a coffee 😉