Let the Science Begin!

By Peter Dearden 27/08/2012

The anticipation was palpable in the car on the way out to Queenstown this morning. Students abuzz with the excitement of their first conference, intermixed with more senior and seasoned students with their eyes on the prizes. Yes, that’s right… Prizes! The Queenstown Research Week meetings offer an array of incentives for student researchers to front-up with their latest findings, and wow their peers. This is, after all a staple of what it means to be scientist, young or old (well, older anyway) – to make discoveries and share them with the world!

Upon arrival the meeting was  in many respects already in full swing. The Brain Researchers were deep in thought, the Cancer Biologists and Drug Discovery scientists engrossed in conversation. What a wonderful atmosphere – and right here in Otago!

In just a few hours the Honourable Steven Joyce is expected to open the meeting officially, and from then on… Headlong into the Science! Stay tuned as the adventures unfold at Queenstown Research Week!