Genomics Aotearoa

Let the Science Begin!

Peter Dearden Aug 27, 2012

The anticipation was palpable in the car on the way out to Queenstown this morning. Students abuzz with the excitement of their first conference, intermixed with more senior and seasoned students with their eyes on the prizes. Yes, that’s right… Prizes! The Queenstown Research Week meetings offer an array of incentives for student researchers to front-up with their latest findings, … Read More

Giant Jurassic Fleas!

Peter Dearden Mar 07, 2012

Peter K. Dearden. One of the fun things about my field of research is that it is broad; I find myself reading papers on paleontology as often as genetics and development. Read More


Review of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, by Eric Carle

Peter Dearden Feb 22, 2012

Peter K Dearden. Some books are redolent of your childhood, steeped in long summer days, percolated in the smell of banana, and infused with the sharp sting of skinned knees. For me such books are Proust’s ’Le Temps retrouvé’ , Hobbes ’Leviathan’ and Eric Carle’s classic ’The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. It does us good to return to these childhood classics … Read More


Sitting in Glass Houses

Peter Dearden Mar 25, 2011

Sitting in Glass Houses; drinking tea and planning World Domination (aka Thesis Completion). by SM Morgan. I am at that stage of the PhD. Contemplating completion and what the heck comes after. There is always talk about the glass ceiling still present in industry for women and the issues surrounding women and science, especially during post-doctoral positions. ( … Read More


Are newly evolved genes as important as ancient ones?

Peter Dearden Mar 18, 2011

by Tamsin Jones. We share about 70% of our genes with fruit flies. Those 70% are old, ancient genes, that were present in the common ancestor of flies and humans. We share many, many genes with most animals, and these conserved genes are thought to be the ones controlling all those really important processes necessary for … Read More