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This Week in Science History: 25-10-10

Peter Dearden Oct 27, 2010

Megan Leask, PhD Student, Laboratory for Evolution and Development Marian Koshland Born 25 Oct 1921; died 28 Oct 1997. Koshland was an American immunologist who discovered that the differences in amino acid composition of antibodies explains the efficiency and effectiveness with which they combat a huge range of foreign … Read More

Breaking flies

Peter Dearden Oct 08, 2010

SM Morgan I am at the point in my PhD studies where I am ordering pre-made mutant lines of flies from the US to test out some of the results I found early in my research. It is amazing that we can do this — and for so remarkably little expense. There are vast warehouses in the States and … Read More

So you’re missing 10 genes, no big deal!

Peter Dearden Oct 06, 2010

Mary Gray, PhD student, Clinical Genetics Research Group As part of my PhD from time to time I have the opportunity to screen small cohorts of patients for medium to small scale genetic changes (called copy number variations), in the hopes of finding something new that may explain the patient’s disease and tell us something about what the involved gene … Read More