Gluckman: stop the science infighting

By Peter Griffin 13/11/2009

The New Zealand Association of Scientists dished out their annual awards last night at a ceremony at Turnbull House attended by a surprisingly high number of science bigwigs.

Professor Ian Shaw picked up the Science Communicator Award, which was judged by the Science Media Centre. Ian well deserved the award – he is one of the country’s best science communicators. We need to see more of him and now that he has stepped down as Pro Vice-Chancellor (science) at Canterbury to return to research in the chemistry department at the university, hopefully we will.

A podcast of Ian’s entertaining speech is on the SMC website.

The evening was rounded out with some words from Peter Gluckman who told a perturbing story – one of an international science opportunity for New Zealand that threatens to be derailed by in-fighting between the three institutions pitching for the business.

A collective groan seemed to go through the room as Sir Peter outlined this story and urged science to take on more of an “NZ Inc.” approach to science and actually work together more to win international work.

A podcast of his comments is also on the SMC site for your listening pleasure.

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