Crunching the numbers on the CRIs

By Peter Griffin 02/12/2009

Statistics New Zealand has just released some data looking at the financial performance of the Crown Research Institutes, information that comes at a sensitive time, as the CRI Taskforce prepares to finalise its recommendations on the future of the Government-owned research institutions.

From a business spoint of view, and lets face it, the CRIs are commercially-focused entities, the most important progress indicator is this:

“Total operating income increased $28.8 million to $677.9 million in the year ended June 2009. The two most significant contributors to the increase were income from sales (up $12.7 million) and government revenue (up $12.1 million).”

So income is increasing but not too impressively year-on-year, hence the desire to bring in fresh eyes to analyse the value proposition the CRIs represent.

Here’s the data for your own perusal:

[slideshare id=2630494&doc=cris-yejun09-all-tables-091202040203-phpapp01&type=d]