XT network falls over

By Peter Griffin 14/12/2009

Thousands of Telecom customers are without mobile service today due to a major outage on the new XT network affecting service from Taupo south.

UPDATE: Chris Keall at the NBR has an update and some interesting info on cause of the outage, which has now stretched in length to over six hours.

My Blackberry, strangely enough, is still receiving emails, but there’s a “SOS” message where the coverage bars should be and there’s no XT cellsite available when I try to manually connect. Emergency calls are apparently still going through okay.

There’s plenty of discussion on the subject in the Geekzone forums.

As outages go, this is a major – we are now five or six hours without service, which is the longest mobile outage I can remember.

It is disappointing, but the first problem I’ve had with the XT network – which in general delivers fast mobile broadband and good quality calling for me. Telecom will need to get back online soon or it will be facing legitimate claims of lost income from small businesses who rely on mobile services to do business…