Scibloggers on Radio New Zealand this summer

By Peter Griffin 29/12/2009

Several of our Scibloggers will be featuring over the next few weeks on Radio New Zealand’s summer programmes talking science.

Dr Fabiana Kubke kicked off today with a discussion on Summer of Noelle about tuis and her citizen science project.

I’ll update this post throughout the holidays with links to the audio as more Scibloggers are interviewed on Noelle’s show.

I’m also on Summer Report three times a week talking about the latest tech and science news with Simon Morton and Rowan Quinn. Here’s our first report about the discounting of consumer electronics and tech products over the Christmas sales period and a new paper in Nature detailing efforts by scientists to measure the changes in the world’s habitable zones as temeperature changes.

Summer Report scitech slot (December 30) Peter Griffin on Apple’s rumoured tablet and its implications for digital publishing.

Summer Noelle (January 4) Dr Shaun Hendy comparing the scientific outputs of New Zealand and Australia.

Summer Report scitech slot (January 4) Peter Griffin on Telecom’s broadband woes and Chinese efforts to crack down on porn websites.

Summer Noelle (January 6) Gareth Renowden of Hot Topic talks Copenhagen and climate change

Summer Report scitech slot (January 6) Peter Griffin on Telecom’s broadband meltdown

Summer Report scitech slot (January 8) Peter Griffin on the CES electronics show

Summer Report scitech slot (January 11) Peter Griffin on Mifi and France’s proposal to tax Google

Summer of Noelle (January 13) Anna Sandiford on the science of forensics

Summer Report scitech slot (January 13) Peter Griffin on Facebook’s evolving approach to privacy and the link between TV watching and mortality

Summer Report scitech slot (January 18) Peter Griffin on the German Government’s advice to ditch Internet Explore for safer web browsing options

Summer of Noelle (January 20) Brendan Moyle on tigers, crocodiles and why good looking animals do better

Summer Report scitech slot (January 18) Peter Griffin on the use of technology in responding to the Haiti earthquake

Summer Report scitech slot (January 22) Peter Griffin on Hilary Clinton’s speech about internet freedom

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