Himalayan glacier melt explained

By Peter Griffin 19/01/2010

The IPCC has formally said it is reexamining the subsection of the 4th Assessment Report that makes claims that appear to be based on “grey literature” via a WWF report which in turn quoted from a New Scientist piece.

So what’s the real deal with Himalayan glacier melt? Well, this presentation put together by a group of scientists last month (and updated in recent days) was designed to cut through the confusion about the Himalayan glaciers so its arrival is quite timely. Thanks to Dr Andrew Mackintosh, glaciologist at Victoria University for passing it on.

You can read Dr Mackintosh’s views on the rate of Himalayan glacier melt in this SMC alert.

[slideshare id=2943364&doc=2009dec-fallagu-soot-pressconference-backgrounder-kargel-100118162220-phpapp02]

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