Crazy science letter of the week part 11

By Peter Griffin 14/07/2010

This crazy letter comes courtesy of Sciblogs reader Alistair Mowat, who describes it as “priceless”.

“Here is something akin to the discovery of the Japanese soldier found in the late 1970’s on a Pacific Island who was oblivious to the end of World War II,” he adds. “A man has been discovered in Tauranga, NZ,  in 2010 totally unaware of the existence of Fick’s Law of diffusion from 1822.”

And here it is, from the Bay of Plenty’s Weekend Sun

Source: Weekend Sun
Source: Weekend Sun

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  • /jaw drops

    /starts giggling helplessly

    WOW. I actually kinda feel sorry for the guy…

  • Heh,

    Ken Ring of the Climate “Science” Coalition used to make the heavier than air argument. I think that was a step too far even for those guys, I think they’ve quietly dropped him from their line up

  • I find if I brush my carbon footprint up and put it in the recyling bin that the kind city council takes it out to the trees to give to those trees

  • Had a crazy morning with meetings – this just about tipped me over the edge into hysterical giggles 🙂

  • … the philosophy…?
    By this reasoning the build up of carbon dioxide should asphixiate everyone in urban areas?
    Or perhaps the government collects the carbon dioxide in trucks and transports it to forests – lol
    I still don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the lack of common sense of this letter