Science no vote winner

By Peter Griffin 23/05/2012

On the eve of the 2012 Budget with the word “austerity” ringing in our ears, the Stuff website has done a poll asking readers what they see as priority areas for the Government.

Of the six categories listed – health, education, welfare, taxes, business and science, guess which area comes in as lowest priority.

That’s right… science.


It is not a scientific poll, but its results aren’t surprising anyway. Few will be excited if, as TVNZ predicts, tomorrow will see a major allocation of funding to boost R&D efforts and establish the so-called Advanced Technology Institute. Some of that funding had previously been flagged, so its yet to be seen what “new” money we’ll see – if any. Education comes out top in the Stuff poll, which is heartening, suggesting Kiwis are concerned most about preparing the next generation to make the most of their potential – in whatever field they choose.

Keep an eye on Stuff, Scoop and Herald Online tomorrow for Budget 2012 coverage.

0 Responses to “Science no vote winner”

  • Maybe we should be happy that science even makes the top six – with a bit more effort we might even knock off taxes and welfare!
    But seriously, the reason we have so many Kiwis leaving today is the of a lack of investment in science and technology twenty years ago …

  • It seems to me the poll reflects the influence media has on its consumers.
    New Zealand’s education system is pretty good by world standards, but it features as the top issue – in my opinion because it has been regularly mentioned in the news.

  • The votes have not all been counted….still time for a concerted campaign to push Science up…tweet, FB and whatever else you do….

    Seriously, whilst these polls are silly, there may be value in trying to shape (rather than measure) public opinion with them.