Daily News back pedals after climate blunder

By Peter Griffin 03/04/2014

Credit to the Taranaki Daily News for running a completely new editorial in today’s paper that corrects the woeful mistake it made yesterday. 

Check out the column below (click to enlarge), which incidentally, ran above a column by Gwynne Dyer that looks at some of the dire predictions for global food production as climate change hits crop yields in the coming decades.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 7.35.08 AM

Still, today’s editorial would appear to me to continue to miss the point. It is not acceptable to put up the views of the IPCC, a legitimate UN body representing thousands of scientists and recognised by the world’s governments against the NIPCC, a lobby group of sceptics with no scientific credibility.

This is “false balance” pure and simple, a trap media outlets continue to fall into when it comes to covering climate change. The important thing to reflect is the “balance of evidence”, which the IPCC delivered with their 2,000 page report on Monday.