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Any scientists worthy of a Welly?

Peter Griffin Oct 02, 2009

Applications for the Wellys, or the Wellingtonian of the Year award, an annual competition run by the Dominion Post, close on Sunday so time is running out to nominate someone you think has done the region a lot of good in the past year. Past overall winners have included Peter Jackson, Jermaine Clement and Bret McKenzie and last year, … Read More

A step towards predicting earthquakes?

Peter Griffin Oct 01, 2009

Nature reports today some interesting research which suggests the big Boxing Day earthquake of 2004, which caused devastation around the Indian Ocean when the resulting tsunami slammed into coastal towns, may also have weakened the San Andreas faultline 8000km away in California. Researchers examining the data produced by highly sensitive devices buried deep beneath the ground at … Read More


Audible books not so listenable

Peter Griffin Sep 29, 2009

A few weeks back, succumbing to a barrage of advertising on my favourite tech podcast TWiT, I signed up to, the talking book service run out of the US. Audible has been plugging away with digital book downloads for ten years now, but seems to really have taken off with the rise of the iPod and the iPhone – … Read More


Skeptics hammer 1080 documentary

Peter Griffin Sep 28, 2009

The Skeptics Society conference held in Wellington over the weekend was a fascinating affair that left me pleasantly surprised. I had feared a series of slightly smug, self-serving lectures lambasting religion and anything else not explained conclusively by scientific fact. What I experienced was a room full of incredibly intelligent and open-minded people discussing some of the big … Read More

Cutting the landline – a progress report

Peter Griffin Sep 20, 2009

A few months ago I make the faithful decision to ditch my under-used home phone line, wave goodbye to Telecom and the sluggish Go Large broadband plan and head for a naked DSL connection on Orcon.As I explain to Simon Morton on Radio New Zealand's This... Read More


Peter Griffin Jan 14, 2008

A major highlight of 2007 was having my script selected for the Ist Writer's Initiative. That's a programme where the New Zealand Film Commission calls for scripts from new screenwriters - they select six from around a hundred submissions and mine was one of the six this time.The six of us spent a fantastic couple of days working with mentors … Read More