Sciblogs Podcast: Physician-assisted suicide

By Guest Author 15/10/2013

Euthanasia, or physician assisted suicide is illegal in New Zealand, but that’s not the case in the Netherlands.

sciblogs podcastIn this Sciblogs Podcast, Lindsey Horne talks to Professor Aad Tibben, a physician from the Netherlands who helps Huntington’s Disease suffers with their end of life directives and we also get an update on the current situation as it stands here in New Zealand.

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MP Maryan Street has since withdrawn her End of Life Choices bill as she was concerned that it would not get the treatment it deserves in the upcoming election year.

Lindsey Horne is a student down in Dunedin studying her Masters in Science Communication. While her background is in neuroscience she spends a lot of time doing more of the communication than the science and can often be found with either a pen, paintbrush or camera in her hand.