Sciblogs podcast: the future of personalised medicine

By Guest Author 18/10/2013

Today the Sciblogs Podcast talks to Rick Leach.

sciblogs podcastRick started off as a microbiologist but has worked as a research scientist for the US Defense Department and for the National Cancer Institute before genomics peaked his interest. He is now the vice president of Complete Genomics, which specialises in accurate whole human genome sequencing and analysis. We hear from him about the field of genomics and what this means for the future of medicine.

Click below to listen to the podcast:


Lindsey Horne is a student down in Dunedin studying her Masters in Science Communication. While her background is in neuroscience she spends a lot of time doing more of the communication than the science and can often be found with either a pen, paintbrush or camera in her hand. 

Rick Leach at TEDx Grand Rapids