New Zealand changing the world

By Guest Author 08/12/2014

By Karla Falloon, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

What’s your best story of New Zealand science and innovation impacting the world?

We want to hear it and tell it to the world. I lead the international science team at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Our main aim is to support increased international science cooperation with key countries around the world. We support the development of cooperation agreements, meet regularly with our counterparts and research institutions overseas, and manage the International Relationships Fund.

When we meet with foreign governments and institutions, we tell New Zealand’s science and innovation story and let our international colleagues know why they should work with us. We aim to inspire and surprise our partners. To help convey these inspiring and surprising messages, we will soon be publishing some promotional material that tells the New Zealand science and innovation story.

We think the Sciblogs bloggers and readers can help us finalise the content of these resources.

We’re looking for stories about how New Zealand science and innovation has made a global impact – maybe we were the first to invent something, maybe we perfected a piece of technology that’s now ubiquitous, maybe our technology or science played a crucial role in a global event, maybe we’re involved in a major global project in a way that would surprise our international partners? There’s a group of great New Zealand stories we’re all familiar with such as Richard Pearce, Rutherford and Hamilton Jet—we’re trying to draw on the collective knowledge of people across the science system who might be able to tell us about lesser known New Zealand stories.

Just one proviso. As the stories may be included in a MBIE publication we’d prefer information that can be verified, so if possible please include a reference or link of some kind.

Please add your stories and any relevant supporting information to this Google Form or in the comments below. If you’re happy for us to contact you about the story, please also add your contact details to the form.

Karla Falloon is the Manager – International Relationships in the Science Skills and Innovation group at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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  • One company that has contributed a lot to change the face of live sports animation, graphics and data gathering – Dunedin-based Animation Research… from their bio… “the world’s first animated coverage of a Round the World Yacht Race (The Whitbread), the world’s first live to air GPS ball positioning for golf (Golftrac) together with computer generated flyovers”.

  • Colin Murdoch, inventor of both the tranquillizer gun and, more importantly, the disposable syringe. Wikipedia will provide all the details. Weta Workshop’s abilities would be another obvious global winner. Hayward Wright and Kiwifruit. etc. etc.

    Perhap’s you’re looking for MoBIE-funded successes?. That’s difficult….

  • via Twitter: Don Merton – using surrogate parents to save the black robin from extinction. @tinkelbell405

  • via Twitter:Independent inflation-targeting reserve banks. @ericcrampton

  • via Twitter: Basics: Atoms; Evolution; “the lights in the sky are suns”; Randomisation; Conservation laws. And ask questions. @tslumley

  • via Twitter: big eco literature on patent citations including geographic diffusion of citations. See Bronwyn Hall @jimrose69872629

  • via Twitter: and if I get a few more characters, the germ theory of disease. @tslumley