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science and health degrees earn graduates more

Peter Griffin Jan 03, 2010

The Sunday Star Times has compiled a table (see below) of university degrees and what graduates from these degrees can expect to earn after a year and three years in the workforce respectively. Not surprisingly, science, health and engineering graduates have much better earning potential than those working in tourism, architecture, agriculture, sports, creative arts and teaching. However, what … Read More

Summer of stats part 2 – Of lettuces, strawberries and things

Guest Author Dec 27, 2009

A running series from Statistics New Zealand helping us make sense of the Food Price Index and the Consumers Price Index… Priceshifting Statisticians are not particularly noted for their vegetarian inclinations, but they do exhibit an appetite for fruit and vegetables. They find lettuces especially fascinating. Source: Statistics New ZealandThe Food Price Index works on the basis of price per … Read More