Guest Work

NASA's Curiosity is on Mars safely – so now what?

Guest Author Aug 07, 2012

By Kevin Orrman-Rossiter, University of Melbourne At 3.31pm today (AEST) the NASA control room in Pasadena, California erupted after people heard these three simple words: “touchdown signal detected”. This diminutive sentence signalled that the Curiosity rover had safely landed on Mars. After a “picture perfect launch” on November 26 last year and a 254 day voyage to … Read More

The Flynn Effect and closing the IQ gap

Guest Author Jul 19, 2012

by Toby Hendy, Katikati College student and winner of the 2012 Eureka Symposium Secondary School orator’s award IQ tests were designed to see who would succeed in the education system and we typically use them to measure intelligence. However, across different social groups we have seen gaps in IQ scores. It is a taboo subject, but it is also … Read More

Is there a limit to athletic performance?

Peter Griffin Jul 16, 2012

by Kate murphy, NHMRC Career Development Fellow at the University of Melbourne We once thought no-one could run a mile in less than four minutes – and yet the current world record stands at three minutes, 43 seconds. So will records keep tumbling as people get fitter and technology takes off? Or is there a limit to human … Read More

Morgan: "tree-huggers" need reality check

Guest Author Jun 20, 2012

by Skye Wishart Green activists need to tone down their rhetoric or be marginalised from society, says economist and conservationist Dr. Gareth Morgan. His verbal assault on environmental activists he described as ’nutters’, ’green-necks’ and ’lefty loonies’ was launched in the lion’s den itself – New Zealand’s biggest annual conservation conference convened by Forest & Bird in Wellington on … Read More

Geoengineering trial cancelled: more regulation needed

Guest Author Jun 19, 2012

by Dr PhD, Research Associate at University of Cambridge and at SPICE Inventors have long been protecting their ideas by filing patent applications on new technologies. But is it appropriate for researchers or companies to own the intellectual property rights to climate-altering technologies? This is a significant issue for the scientists and engineers involved in the … Read More

Particles and persecution: why we should care about Iranian physicists

Guest Author Jun 12, 2012

by Thomas Stace, Senior Lecturer in Physics, Quantum Information at University of Queensland and Peter Rohde, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Quantum Computation at Macquarie University On a given day, your typical physicist is mainly preoccupied with trying to understand the intimate secrets of the universe. As with most academics, we get to visit one another in parts of the … Read More

Building A healthy home for people and the planet

Guest Author May 10, 2012

by Dr Jez Weston, Senior Policy Analyst, Royal Society of New Zealand As someone who works in climate change policy, I am acutely aware of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I’d even say that we are beginning to realise that emissions of long-lived greenhouse gases need to be cut to zero to avoid the worst possible outcomes from … Read More