Guest Work

Antarctic report – the Italian connection

Guest Author Jan 24, 2012

by Dr Craig Stevens, Physical Oceanographer at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) Right on schedule we flew to the Mario Zuchelli Station in Terra Nova Bay run by the Italian Antarctic Programme. It is comparable in size to Scott Base, but as it is located a bit further north it is called the Caribbean of Antarctica … Read More

Antarctic report – hurry up and wait

Guest Author Jan 23, 2012

by Dr Craig Stevens, Physical Oceanographer at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) The flight up to Mario Zuchelli Station in Terra Nova Bay was brought forward by two days so we had to pack early. Now it’s been dropped back a day due to aircraft commitments for weather balloon experiment recovery. This is all OK … Read More

Is thorium energy's silver bullet?

Guest Author Dec 19, 2011

By George Dracoulis, Professor, Department of Nuclear Physics at Australian National University. You have probably heard at least a little about thorium. There are certainly advocates out there who strongly believe it could help solve the world’s energy problems. The idea is that thorium-based nuclear energy (it is nuclear) would … Read More

The race to create the bionic eye

Guest Author Dec 12, 2011

by Anthony Hall, Associate Professor, Monash University The path to development of the bionic eye is blindingly clear but progress is slow. There’s been an explosion of research into retinal and brain-based bionic eyes and the race to develop one has started to generate effective and commercially lucrative devices. Blindness affects about 50,000 Australians, the majority of whom … Read More

Modern chiropractic therapy is based on evidence, and here it is

Guest Author Dec 09, 2011

by Peter Tuchin, Senior Lecturer, Department of Chiropractic, Maquarie University Chiropractic has copped some criticism this week, with a group of prominent Australian doctors and scientists urging Central Queensland University to reverse its decision to offer a chiropractic degree from 2012. The group claims chiropractic isn’t based on evidence and therefore … Read More

Climate change and the acidifying, freshening, warming Southern Ocean

Guest Author Nov 30, 2011

by Matthew Thompson, editor – The Conversation The distinctive, planet-encircling flows of the Southern Ocean have played a role in moderating global warming, but change is at hand with the water heating up, getting less salty, storing more carbon, and growing more acidic. The Southern Ocean, as photographed during the Thomas G Thompson Southern Ocean Expedition. These … Read More