Guest Work

Are some scientists just taking the cis out of genetic engineering? Pt I

Guest Author Feb 11, 2010

­­ By Prof. Jack Heinemann* Part 1: While appearing to take concerns seriously, the promotion of cisgenics and intragenics by New Zealand science companies risks further public alienation. The debate on the safety and appropriateness of using genetically engineered/modified (GE) plants and animals for food or animal feed is frequently manipulated through semantics. Language and not substance has been … Read More


Mass overdose planned

Guest Author Jan 28, 2010

By Vicki Hyde On January 30, a concerted global mass overdose will take place, but no-one will die because the “medication” of choice will be homeopathic. Homeopathic medicine consists of water or water dripped onto sugar tablets; the UK-based 1023 campaign aims to highlight that fact and protest against pharmacies touting such a product as medicinal. To mark the … Read More