Guest Work

Vitamin C on TV

Guest Author Sep 16, 2010

By Michael Edmonds Last night 60 Minutes ran another piece on intravenous vitamin C, presenting several cases where high dosage intravenous vitamin C appears to have had phenomenal effects in treating severe illness. Now we all know that correlation is not causation and science isn’t based on anecdotes, but I suspect that many New Zealanders will soon be … Read More

Exploring the Exposome

Guest Author Aug 23, 2010

By Dr Michael Edmonds The sequencing of the human genome has provided scientists with a great deal of information  about the 20,000 to 25,000 genes coded by our DNA and is leading to a better understanding of hereditary based diseases. However, a complementary concept, the exposome, has been proposed to bring a greater understanding of the … Read More

Biodiversity Matters

Guest Author Jul 22, 2010

By Professor David Penman Climate change and the relative lack of agreement from the Copenhagen meeting dominated the environmental, economic and political agenda through 2009 and into 2010. While the outcomes will have significant impacts, positive and negative, on our future climate change is only one part of wider drivers of global change and we need … Read More

Taking the Hot Air out of the Climate Change Debate

Guest Author Jun 22, 2010

By Dr Michael Edmonds Climate change is an issue which needs to be debated scientifically, through careful and rational analysis of the facts. However, as the climate change debate intensifies a disturbing trend is emerging — more and more of the debate involves arguments reminiscent of a ’down and dirty’ political debate. Personal attacks, misrepresentation or … Read More