Guest Work

The current 'cool' factor in science

Guest Author Jul 26, 2011

By Jamie Fenton, Young New Zealander of the Year Scientists in New Zealand appear to be popular. Both of the Kiwi bank New Zealanders of the year have been scientists; Sir Ray Avery in 2010, and Professor Sir Paul Callaghan in 2011. Both men, along with Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister, are … Read More


Tangaroa's amazing voyage

Peter Griffin Jul 18, 2011

A research voyage report from NIWA… NIWA’s research vessel Tangaroa has just completed a very successful voyage of habitats of significance for marine organisms and biodiversity. ’We were amazed by what we saw,’ says NIWA’s Dr Mark Morrison, programme leader. Over 42 days, split across two voyages, the Tangaroa worked its way down the country and back, working 24 … Read More


Why science communication is vital

Guest Author Feb 21, 2011

At this morning’s SCANZ conference in Auckland, the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, gave a speech about the ever-increasing importance (and difficulty) of the interaction between scientists, media, policy makers, politicians and the public. The full transcript is available below. Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you. I want to talk frankly about … Read More


Swimming with sharks

Guest Author Jan 28, 2011

The latest in a summer series from NIWA… The rig shark can be found all around New Zealand at this time of year, from spring to summer. It is found in coastal waters, estuaries and inlets, down to a depth of 200 metres. Rig is most often served as the fish in ‘fish ‘n’ chips’. So if there’s a … Read More


Cockles and Pipis, alive, alive-oh

Guest Author Jan 21, 2011

The latest in a summer series from NIWA… Pipi — fritter away your summer Over the long hot summer many kiwis will be digging deep in the sand for pipi. These yummy shellfish live buried in the sand and are free at the beach! They are distributed around the New Zealand coastline, including the Chatham Islands and, further afield, the … Read More

Lamprey – the vampire of the sea

Guest Author Jan 20, 2011

A shy, slimy, ancient fish, that looks like an eel but isn’t. It has a circular sucker for a mouth, and feeds by rasping a hole in its victim’s fishy-flesh. It starts life in freshwater, spends most of its life at sea, but returns to freshwater to breed. It can be found all around New Zealand, in southern Australia, … Read More

Slippery devils — longfin eels

Guest Author Jan 18, 2011

The latest part in NIWA’s summer series… Lurking in the depths of freshwater waterways, all around New Zealand, longfin eels are the most common fish in our rivers. The native longfin eel, at up to 1.6 metres in length, is something to be in awe of, especially when there’s a crowd of them — and they aren’t the most attractive … Read More