10:10 on its way to NZ

By Gareth Renowden 10/11/2009

The 10:10 emissions reduction campaign launched in the UK earlier this year is likely to arrive in New Zealand soon — perhaps before the end of the year. Speaking on Chris Laidlaw’s RNZ Sunday Morning show [mp3], organiser Daniel Vockins confirmed that discussions were underway with interested parties(*) in NZ, and promised that if 1,000 New Zealanders signed up at 1010global.org, they’d launch before Christmas. 10:10 is the brainchild of Age Of Stupid producer Franny Armstrong. Individuals and companies make personal commitments to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% in 2010 — giving them something practical to do while the world haggles over longer term and larger targets for cuts. In the NZ context, a 10:10 campaign is expected to work well alongside existing efforts such as Greenpeace’s 40 by 20 Sign On campaign, and 350.org’s longer range commitment, but will send a very direct message to a government seemingly locked in to unambitious targets. If John Key won’t go to Copenhagen, will he sign up to 10:10? Britain’s Conservative leader David Cameron and his entire front bench already have.

(*) Including me…