Fabulous bad weather

By Gareth Renowden 21/03/2010

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A little uplifting singing for the weekend, from the Reverend Billy Talen and the Gospel Choir of the Church Of Life After Shopping, the new environmental church that’s sweeping the globe, or perhaps Brooklyn. From the Rev Billy’s pulpit:

We are finding a faith inside ’Environmentalism’ and ’Earth Justice’ and ’Climate Change Activism.’ A faith can support multiple movements, and carry hundreds of issues. […] Earth-a-lujah! Life on Earth is not the object, receiving our civilized activity. The Earth is the subject. The Earth is all of us, is more than us, and includes us. Feel the Earth’s wave inside us, the good tsunami. We can’t fight it or improve on it. We will be saved as the Earth saves itself.

Just in case it’s not obvious: Billy Talen is a performance artist and environmental activist.

[H/t – Jo Abbess]