What’s the world got in store (first reprise)

By Gareth Renowden 02/06/2010

A book based on the proceedings (or a good chunk of them) of last year’s Managing the unavoidable conference on climate change adaptation in New Zealand are now available online as Climate Change Adaptation in New Zealand: Future scenarios and some sectoral perspectives from the NZ Climate Change Centre. Not the snappiest of titles, but there’s a lot of interesting stuff included: I’m particularly looking forward to reading McGlone et al’s chapter on Climate change, natural systems and their conservation in NZ [pdf], Gavin Kenny on building resilience in east coast farming systems [pdf], as well as the chapters on risk management and the scenario development that preceded the conference. The NZ Climate Change Centre were kind enough to send me a couple of printed copies (one’s winging its way to Bryan as I write), but pdf versions of the contents are available for download. Recommended.

Meanwhile, the Climate Change Centre has redesigned its web site, and is planning to offer an NZ climate FAQ sometime soon. The Centre is also planning to build a list of local climate experts who will be available to respond to questions about climate issues affecting NZ. I’ll be keeping an eye on developments…