The Climate Show: Beta 1

By Gareth Renowden 26/10/2010


Introducing The Climate Show, the first (beta 1) stab at a web-based “radio with pictures” programme about climate news science, policy, politics and solutions. It’s the brainchild of KIWI FM’s Radio Wammo breakfast host Glenn Williams, one of the most innovative young broadcasters in New Zealand, and he’s roped me in to add, er, something or other… ;-)

The show was recorded last week via Skype video conference, and we discussed new temperature records, the state of the Arctic, chatted with Kevin Cudby about his new book From Smoke To Mirrors, recommended the Skeptical Science web site and iPhone app, and then discussed some recent developments in solar photovoltaic technologies. It’s available at Youtube, as a podcast via iTunes, and will soon have its own site at . You can follow the show on Twitter at @TheClimateShow. We’re aiming to record a programme every couple of weeks to begin with. All feedback welcome — what do you think of the show and what would you like us to cover? Any guests you’d particularly like us to feature (NZ and worldwide)? And if you like the show, tell your friends… Links to the stuff we talk about below the fold.

The Climate Show (audio)


Zambia and world temperature records: Jeff Masters at Weather Underground, NOAA statement.

NASA’s MODIS Rapid Response System Arctic mosaic (also Antarctica). If you can’t see a complete picture, click the blue button at the top of the page to see the last full mosaic. NB the Arctic image has a big hole in the middle at the moment because it’s dark at the top of the world in winter…

Ice watchers: Neven’s Arctic Sea Ice blog.

Circumnavigating the Arctic: Northern Passage (Norway), and Peter 1 (Russia).

Hot Topic on Arctic ice: Five years (threnody for Arctic sea ice), and Gone for good: Arctic Ocean ice free all year by the 2040s.

Cryosat 2

Kevin Cudby interview: From Smoke To Mirrors, reviewed at Hot Topic, guest post at Hot Topic by Kevin.

Skeptical Science and phone apps.

Sunrise boulevards.

Oerlikon solar photovoltaic process.

Theme music: A Drop In The Ocean by The Bads.

PS: Apologies for the poor picture quality from Waipara. I’ve now upgraded the webcam, but we’ll still be at the mercy of an occasionally ropey rural broadband connection.