The Climate Show #4: Peter Gleick, the AGU, and climate sensitivity

By Gareth Renowden 20/12/2010

Our last show for 2010, and it’s over an hour of podcast/video goodness: featuring Peter H Gleick of the Pacific Institute discussing the news from the Fall AGU conference in San Francisco last week, John Cook discussing how we work out how sensitive the climate system is to the addition of heat, plus a roundup on Cancun, how French vignerons are looking to old vines to help them adapt to a warming climate, and London’s black cabs set to go electric.

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Show notes below the fold.

Still cold in Europe: Jeff Masters on WACCy weather.

Animated global temperature history from NASA’s GISS.

2010: a record warm year? (See also NASA surface temp anomaly pic).

Cancun roundup: Guardian, Telegraph, Guardian on gap between emissions ambition and reality.

Special guest: Peter H Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, joins us from the American Geophysical Union’s Fall meeting in San Francisco. Read his excellent recent Huffington Post article here.

Lonnie Thompson’s recent paper discussed at Hot Topic here.

How rejecting market-based solutions like and cap & trade might force an increase in big government: Cockatoo Chronicles.

Debunking the skeptic with John Cook from Skeptical Science: Climate Sensitivity

Andrew Dessler’s paper on cloud feedback

Other evidence for positive feedback and high climate sensitivity:

The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism.

Solutions: Forgotten vines help wine makers fight climate change

Electric taxis for London’s cabbies. And improved batteries for a big bus.

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