Winter, fire and snow

By Gareth Renowden 26/12/2010

Serendipity leads me to this great film: in the British winter of 1963, railway workers battle to keep the trains running. There’s one corker of a shot of a steam engine barrelling into a drift, plenty of impressionistic cutting and a wonderful soundtrack (an extended arrangement of Sandy Nelson’s Teen Beat). Directed by Geoffrey Jones, it was nominated for an Oscar. More on the film at the British Film Institute. Meanwhile, the current European cold snap (or at least the British part of it) looks like it might be about to end. Jeff Masters suggests that a major change of weather patterns is on its way, and to prove that for every cold spot there’s a warm one, parts of Bulgaria reported record warmth on Christmas Day. reports:

The highest air temperature in Bulgaria on Saturday was recorded in the northern city of Veliko Tarnovo — 20.1 degrees Celsius. The previous record on Christmas Day in Veliko Tarnovo was recorded in 1956, long before the more recent effects of the global warming started to kick in, and it was only 16.6 degrees Celsius.

It was pretty warm in Waipara, too… ;-)

[Anuna & Katie McMahon]