The Climate Show #5: on a hot wet green roof

By Gareth Renowden 21/01/2011

The Climate Show returns with the first show of the new year, and it’s a cracker. Our guest is Dr Brad Bass, an expert in “green” roofing who joined Glenn in the Auckland studio to discuss the many advantages of growing things (even trees!) on our buildings. John Cook from Skeptical Science gives us an eye-witness account of the Queensland flooding, and explains the climate and weather background to the event. We also discuss last year’s record setting temperatures, the fakery of Don Easterbrook, and an interesting breakthrough in solar power technology.

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Show notes below the fold.

Record temperatures in 2010:

Hot Topic post: Everyone agrees: 2010 ties for top temperature.

National Climatic Data Centre report: State of the Climate Global Analysis 2010.

Global temperature map:

Rainfall chart:

Jeff Masters on Hudson Bay ice.

Why Don Easterbrook is wrong about 2010.

NIWA research on climate and snow on NZ skifields.

Green roofs

Dr. Brad Bass — Adjunct professor in the Centre for Environment at the University of Toronto and the recent Chair of the North American Green Roof Research Committee
All the links mention by Brad:

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities –

The Hundertwasser toilets and Vienna house.

John Cook from Skeptical Science on La Niña the flooding in Queensland:

SST chart from NOAA:

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology on the current La Niña. SOI chart:

Increased SST leads to more water vapour in the atmosphere:
[image to follow]

Extreme rainfall events are increasing
[image to follow]


New solar fuel machine ‘mimics plant life’

[Glenn promises to take the Christmas cards down before the next show… ;-) ]

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