The Climate Show #24: John Mashey digs into organised denial

By Gareth Renowden 04/03/2012

It’s been a long summer (not a hot one) for the The Climate Show, but Glenn, Gareth and John are back with a good show for the new year. Feature interview — and it’s a cracker — is with Californian computer scientist John Mashey, who has been digging deep into the networks of organised denial, tracking the flows of money and malpractice from plagiarism to zombie chairmen. Plus John Cook introduces his Debunking Handbook, a look at Arctic ice and its impact on European weather and a report calling for “dramatic action to avert a collapse of civilisation”.

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The Climate Show

News & commentary: [0:02:00]

2011 was a cool hot year: 2011: a hot cold year …but La Niña is on its way out (NIWA seasonal forecast).

Warm winter in most of the US, but very cold snap in Europe: third paper published confirming link between Arctic sea ice loss and synoptic change: BBC, Climate Progress.

New report prepared by ’Blue Planet’ prizewinners for Rio+20 finds civilisation faces unprecedented ’perfect storm of ecological and social problems“:

In the face of an “absolutely unprecedented emergency”, say the 18 past winners of the Blue Planet prize — the unofficial Nobel for the environment — society has “no choice but to take dramatic action to avert a collapse of civilisation. Either we will change our ways and build an entirely new kind of global society, or they will be changed for us”.

Download report.


No-waste circular economy is good business — ask China: New Scientist

Heartland document leak and repercussions:

NZ sceptics funded by Heartland

Mashey report

Documents leaked:What becomes of the broken Heartland?

Peter Gleick confesses: (Not So Simple) Twist Of Fate

Education as propaganda: Heartland on education: they’d like to teach the world to lie

Interview [0:25:50]

John Mashey, digging into: the Wegman report, Heartland, Singer et al. For reports check DeSmogBlog and Deep Climate.

Debunking the sceptic [1:04:00]

John Cook from rejoins the show to tell us all about The Debunking Handbook and backfire effects.

Solutions [1:16:30]

Liquid flow battery could recharge in three minutes.

Improved lithium ion battery could double current storage.

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