The Climate Show #28: transglobal overground (with added ice)

By Gareth Renowden 13/09/2012

The boys are back, and they can’t stop talking. Glenn’s got his studio set up in London, Gareth’s Waipara internet connection is still marginal, but what was meant to be a ten minute proof of international connectibility turned into a 40 minute extended rumination on Glenn’s arrival in London during the wet summer and extended hay fever season, the record-setting Arctic sea-ice melt and what that might mean for the coming northern hemisphere winter and climate in general, the defeat for New Zealand’s climate cranks in the High Court, and the soon to be obligatory plug for Gareth’s new book…

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For more excellent podcasting and radio goodness on the subject of the current Arctic emergency, I strongly recommend you check out Radio Ecoshock current show — an Arctic special in which Alex talks to Rutgers scientist Jennifer Francis, who explains how this changes weather for billions of people in the Northern Hemisphere. Plus the Director of the Snow and Ice Data Center, Mark Serreze on record and what it means, and analysis from polar scientist Cecilia Bitz, University of Washington.

Glenn’s dripping nose.

NIWA wins NZ High Court case on temperature records.

The Aviator!

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